Frequently Asked Questions

Why would Dentons Global Advisors want to maintain a public affairs network?

Dentons Global Advisors maintans and builds its Network to broaden its footprint and to provide strategic guidnace and on-the ground solutions for its clients’ most complex and critical challentes and opportunities, with seamless service and senior-level oversight virtually anywhere on earth.

What is the relationship between Dentons Global Advisors Network and Dentons Global Advisors?

The Network is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dentons Global Advisors. (See Terms of Use).

Can any firm join?

The Network is open to any and all qualified firms, regardless of location or size. Our quality-focused screening process determines whether a firm’s application is accepted.

Is it really free to join?

Yes. With no strings attached.

Can a firm belong to other networks and also belong to this one?


Can a firm quit the network anytime?


If there is more than one firm in a specific region, how will those firms be prioritized in the network?

Other member firms will choose the firm they believe is best for their client, based on their assessment of talent and need. To assist member firms in evaluating one another, a client-based rating and ranking system will be created over time.